Video - Lotus 7 first run 2011 edit.mp4

Videos Lotus 7 Lotus 7 first run 2011 edit.mp4

Lotus 7 first run 2011 edit.mp4

Lotus 7 's first run this year. First time out for the Westfield 7 since I thought that I had bought some bad gas last year and the engine started to cut out abruptly and unpredictably. We had to turn around and come home before reaching our destination. We decided to take the Lotus 7 out today and I noticed that some of the cutting out might be an electrical short or probably a bad connection. Might just be a bad ground somewhere. At the end of the video on a bridge, I noticed when I hit a bump it seemed to cut out. I will have to check, clean and reconnect all wires that keep the ignition spark going. I know this is not a race video, but a Lotus 7 type car can be a great weekend driver if you make it street legal. I noticed how shaky the video is while uploading so it started me thinking of how to fix that next time. We used a Flip Video HD and if any of you have used them you know they are hard enough to hold steady on solid ground. I have a plan to mount a home made steady cam mount to my roll bar next time. Sorry about the camera shake. I will work on that.

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